New Kitchen for Spoonable

This kind of looks like the Hana Pastries kitchen but it isn't. I'll be taking a photo there soon.

We were using Speakeasy’s kitchen on Greene Ave since our launch in Sep 2011. Speakeasy was a restaurant in the Clinton Hill neighborhood. Unfortunately they weren’t doing well and finally closed at the end of last year.

So Spoonable was kind of stuck without a commercial kitchen. We were lucky enough to have some stock to get us through the few weeks we needed to find a new kitchen.

And what a wonderful kitchen we found! Hana Pastries in Sunset Park. It’s run by pastry Chef Michael Hu. Excellent facilities and, even better, a community of food entrepreneurs that includes Whimsy & Spice, Liddibit Sweets and The Good Batch.

I’m looking forward to sharing space, experience and information¬†with some top-notch food people and businesses.