Michelle Lewis -- Owner and Chef of Spoonable llc

Michelle Lewis — Owner and Chef of Spoonable llc

So one day I made a cheese cake, added a caramel sauce, had left over caramel and gave it to a friend. That’s it. All it took. The sauce became Christmas presents — because I had no money for sweaters or ties — and then the sauce became a company. Presto!

OK, ok, so there was a lot of innovating, ingredient adjusting, taste testing, burnt batches & out-right  failures plus rivers of sweat involved too. But the quest for rich, indulgent, caramel sauces was ultimately a success.

Now we’re in over 250 stores nationwide and still growing. We moved into the Pfizer building in 2014 to build-out our own kitchen and have better facilities. Since then we’ve been working with ice cream companies, frozen yoghurt stores and bakeries in addition to the fabulous gourmet stores like Murray’s Cheese, Dean & Deluca and Whole Foods we supply.

Ultimately, Spoonable is about using the best quality ingredients possible, never using any preservatives, and balancing the use of local and organic ingredients with fair pricing. As we grow we hope to incorporate more and more “green” options in our products.

For now just remember that Brooklyn’s Saucy Caramel is about creamy sweetness, fun, indulgence, exploration and CARAMEL WITH ATTITUDE. Check out how we use our sauces – it’s not just about ice cream anymore!


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